Noesaka by Artisan Kuliner Group

Artisan Kuliner Group is an F&B company that always leverages the dining experience through the senses, including visual branding.


Known for its consistency in producing high-quality products, Artisan Kuliner Group intends to bring a local flavor wrapped in symbolic design with its own pattern, color, and style. They asked us to make traditional styles that could be worn on a daily basis and help them overcome their own rigid skepticism

The Process

When we attended our first meeting, we were given graphic drawings that included specific patterns that have to be printed on fabric. We first tried to screen print the pattern on the cotton, but the pattern was destroyed once we test washed it several times. On the second trial, we tried to screen print the pattern with another method on the fabric that has 90% recycle polyester to preserve the pattern from faded cause of detergent and iron and it went succeed.

The Uniform

Up to this point, we have invented a traditional look that is comfortable to wear, easy to care for, and most importantly, breaks the rigid skepticism of the historical style that is often avoided for being worn daily. On the day we deliver the uniform, we train the employee to wear the sarung properly so they can move with big steps and flexibility.

Now our “Sarung Panutup” and  “Kebaya Genduk” is one of our bestselling item