Taking The Crowd To Izakaya

The vibe here is all about the laid-back charm of a traditional Japanese tavern. Operating round the clock, this cozy spot captures the essence of Izakaya culture, where good times never stop Dating back over 250 years, these casual joints have been the go-to for relaxed dining and drinking. Known fondly as “red lantern” spots for the iconic red paper lanterns that light up the streets, Nishi Izakaya channels this vibe with its own catchy signage and welcoming ambiance

The Chef

Triggered with the creative brand core, we got inspired by the street situation that aligned with a comfort food and beverage as the main character. We then come up with the ideas to make the chef as a focal point. We carefully curate a washed denim with a light weight, knowing that all the chef will have to work in hot temperature in the kitchen, and we tweak the design with traditional Japanese Kimono

The Server

We crafted a laid-back server ensemble featuring a striped t-shirt boasting the brand’s signature red and white hues. Paired with a denim apron, meticulously tailored with distinctive contours and accented by contrasting stitching, embodying a touch of streetwear flair

The Host

The host will welcome guests at the entrance, adorned in an oversized kimono crafted from dark lightweight washed denim. This kimono features a spacious pocket designed to hold the menu and various utensils for its convenience