Sweet Color Exposure

Pink is Lu’miere’s signature color. The challenge comes when the colour of the apron is taken into consideration. We looked at several shades of pink, but we would not want the colour of the apron to correspond to the colour of the wall. To finish with, we curated a grey with a purple hue for the trouser to create a unified look

The Brief

As Lu’miere approach us, we have told that they were getting closer to re-launching the brand, the first restaurant opened in 45 days and. Up to the fitting, it was a remote project.

We had a brief conversation by videoconference and listened carefully to what they wanted and needed. They were about to open in several provinces; therefore, they wanted to renovate themselves as a pastry that is enjoyable and comfortable for the national market. They showed the new brand’s atmosphere and colour scheme. In addition, the uniform should be compatible with the hijab as most workers wear the hijab.

The Uniform

After being examined, tested and washed for a week, they approved our designs and colour selection and asked us to complete all the uniforms for four releases in 14 days. We then set up a production line that only handled Lu’miere parts. A day before the opening, we successfully deployed full set for both service and kitchen, which includes a long sleeved high collar, bib apron and trousers.