A Collaboration That Innovates

Our objective was to modernize the uniform design for Harris Hotels, aligning it with the new brand guidelines provided by The Ascott Limited Indonesia. The aim was to capture the essence of both business and leisure styles while reflecting the evolving and maturing identity of Harris Hotels.

Inspired by Fond Memories

Our creative journey is deeply intertwined with our personal experiences growing up alongside Harris. The very first Harris hotel, nestled in our neighbourhood, serves as a poignant reminder of our childhood adventures. The vibrant hues and fond memories of laughter as we strolled past the hotel on our way to school ignited a sense of belonging and inspiration within us. Driven by our collective experiences and fueled by a shared vision, our collaboration yielded a uniform collection that not only reflects the ethos of Harris Hotels but also paves the way for future innovations in hospitality attire. Through a merger of tradition and modernity, we have breathed new life into the Harris brand, ensuring that it remains synonymous with vibrancy, functionality, and enduring quality.

The Outcome

Striving for a balanced fusion of simplicity and sophistication, we carefully selected a palette of five colors: navy blue, beige, brown, black, and orange, paying homage to the brand’s heritage. Through close collaboration with The Ascott Limited Indonesia, we meticulously crafted a unique uniform collection that seamlessly combines functionality, enduring quality, and timeless charm.

Job Function & Scale

We inovate a modern and flexible staff uniform across five job functions