The Connection

We were asked to come up with Sustainable Development Goal for the uniform on our first meeting. We then purposed our design concept to refresh the rooms division uniform which includes numerous front-line positions including concierge, guest relations, front desk agents, housekeeping, and laundry departments. We decided to utilize certified biodegradable fabric after Four Seasons approved our design. We start with several samples, and after 100 washes, the biodegradable material has lost 60% of its color due to its natural dying and is no longer wearable. We realized that sustainability comes in many forms through an honest effort, and we discovered that our SDG is to use materials with the longest lifespan. Selecting fabric with a minimum lifespan of five years has become our new standard operating procedure.

The Craftmanship

We realize that a client is equal to a member of our family, so we are responsible for understanding their language, culture, and interests. They give us an overview of the 3Cs as the Four Seasons brand core, which are connection, character, and craftsmanship. We intend to merge the concepts through a uniform and convert the entire tone to a timeless and welcoming looks that blends with the warm feel in the lobby and the cool shade in the room. We conclude by using only five colors: blue, grey, black, and white.

The Character

The uniform guidelines were printed out on art paper as a guide for everyone who would be measured. This allowed them to align all the custom-made uniforms with their body shapes. We finished all the fittings for the suits after three months of work. The Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta now has a new appearance that corresponds with their brand, which expresses luxury through three love languages: connection, character, and craftsmanship.