Grind The Essential with Sensible Existential

Fore Coffee, a leading Indonesian coffee brand renowned for its dedication to distinctive brews and meaningful social initiatives, has undertaken the task of revitalizing its image through a redesign of the barista uniforms. The primary aim of this endeavour is to compel the Fore team to transform the barista attire to align with the updated brand guidelines. These guidelines encompass the store’s overall ambiance and the lifestyle that Fore Coffee fosters nationwide, reinforcing their brand identity and enhancing the overall memorability of the customer experience.


Baristas often spend long hours on their feet, moving swiftly between various tasks. As such, the choice of fabric is paramount to ensure comfort throughout the workday. The nature of the work exposes baristas to coffee spills, milk splatters, and other potential stains. As a result, easy maintenance and cleaning are crucial considerations in fabric selection.

The appearance of barista uniforms contributes to the overall ambiance and branding. Fabrics should be chosen to enhance the professional image and considerations such as color fastness and resistance to fading play a role in maintaining a uniform and consistent appearance. The fabrication of barista uniforms extends beyond the material itself to encompass the overall design. Pockets, aprons, and other functional elements are integrated into the uniform to enhance practicality.


The main goal of the barista uniform project was to refresh Fore Coffee unique identity through stylish and utilitarian barista uniforms. The new uniforms aimed to represent the commitment to creativity, innovation, and exceptional experience for its audience.


In collaborating with Fore’s team, we have been given the responsibility to revamp uniform design in alignment with their brand guidelines, incorporating specific colours and shapes. As we delve into the conceptualization of the uniform, we have gained insight into the significance of the barista profession. Wearing the distinctive barista’s outfit is more than just a uniform; it is a badge of pride that truly defines and completes the identity of a dedicated barista.


After delightful three months of crafting a fresh design, we have purpose three barista uniform samples. The preferred choice encompasses an elbow-length barista sleeve in an elegant green sage hue, complemented by a band collar strategically designed to prevent stains from being visible at the neckline. Notably, we’ve incorporated a snap button on the back of the collar, facilitating the secure placement of the apron. This ensures the apron stays in place, even during the dynamic movements typical of a barista.

To complete the ensemble, our bib apron in a rich dark red shade boasts a knot as an adjustable feature, allowing baristas to easily customize the length. Adding a touch of flair, a false pocket serves as a stylish accent.