Circular Function

Integrating devotion to hospitality philosophy by understanding the needs, connecting the ideas, and utilizing various perspectives to cultivate harmony; as diversity is the highest form of originality

About Us

We fulfil the need for garments by infusing innovative ideas into the visual arts and providing assistance that are tailored to the particular requirement.

In 2017, it all started with a mutual friend who ran a restaurant and requested to be provided with the practical uniforms to perform services. We then understood that the utilitarian and aesthetic values have to complement one another.

The domino effect has continued ever since. We have collaborated with more than 50 brands up to this point, and we are continuously striving to make our mark in the industry


Every objective is immensely important. Having it transform into reality is a vital virtue

Bespoke Design

Create unique and original items from scratch. Turning an idea into a finished product, including complete design and production

Style Guide

A comprehensive style guide that specifies how each look should be applied by meticulously arranging the right shapes and colors


Providing production samples for review prior to full production


Manufacturing existing designs by providing pattern grading, followed by material selection


Reviving recoverable products in an effort to extend its lifespan

Made To Measure

Measured and fitted to an individual's essential needs


We are a design and manufacturing studio devoted to binding invention with utility

A brief conversation to manifest the origin that would be incorporated into the garment design

Selecting fabrics and materials for both sampling and production that are advantageous based on characteristics including colour, thickness, function, and durability

Upon request, We always provide samples for approval prior to full manufacturing

The fitting will be addressed in order to evaluate the sample and anticipate potential manufacturing errors

Production will be carried out with a high level of quality control and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that everything goes according to plan

We will deliver all of the product right next to you

How Can We Help?

We set out on a mission to bring beauty and hospitality together